We can’t control events.  As hard as we may try, there are simply too many interdependent forces at play that are beyond our personal dominion.   This is why the concept of directional aspiration is so important and why expectation is less so.  Expectations cause us to unnecessarily cling to and often anxiously grasp at desired results.  We don’t have command over outcomes. We shouldn’t definitively expect anything to occur.  We don’t control the universe (sorry ego).   We need to let go.

Instead, aspirations set a purposeful intent in a direction that aligns with our values and goal-oriented objectives.  When thinking about aspiration, I like to conjure the image of a car headlight.  The headlight points us in the direction of our intended destination.

Aspiration is accompanied by purposeful intent.  Intent is the deliberate effort that we bring to an endeavor.  Its often based on diligent preparation and mindful repetition.   Its moderated by values such as compassion and resilience.  The honesty and integrity we bring to our intent is entirely up to us.

So drop your expectations.  Set your directional aspiration and accompany it with a devout and deliberately focused intent.  We can’t control life’s outcomes – but we can control what we aspire to do and how we go about doing it.

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