I’ll admit it — I’m a card carrying member of the mindfulness meditation movement.  You’d be hard pressed to find a podcast or glossy magazine that hasn’t recommended meditation as of late.  It has grown rapidly in popular professional culture over the last 18 months. Americans need a way to make soothing order out of divergent chaos.

Over the last year, I’ve been practicing a form of deep mindfulness meditation and have found the results to be extraordinary.   Amid the daily rush, I have experienced greater focus, emotional balance, intellectual endurance and greater fulfillment in the wide range of endeavors that I’m engaged in.

As of late, I’ve augmented my meditation with deliberate gratitude journaling.  Each morning, I start my day with an itemized list of the things and people that I’m grateful for.  While it can often feel cheesy (roof over my head) and repetitive (how many days can I be grateful for my wonderful life partner), it focuses my subconscious on the abundance of things that I’m endowed with.  This is a powerful tool to rewire your brain.

Too often, we focus on the things that we are striving for or are unhappy that we don’t have.  This anxiety and resentment eats at us and negatively colors our outlook on life.

As a result of my meditation and gratitude implementation, my energy tank is as full as its ever been.  And that’s saying something given that I’m currently working as a strategy leader at a large corporation (50+ hour weeks), obtaining my Executive MBA and overseeing the development of a political non-profit.

I encourage those looking for ways to be healthier, happier, and more productive in 2018 to consider mindfulness meditation and a deliberate gratitude practice.  You’ll realize that your life is more plentiful than you appreciate.

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