A Life Worth Leading

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When I started the “The Inquiring Mind Blog” in 2016, I sought a platform to think through big ideas and public policy.   As my first blog, I tested personal notions of   leadership, professional ascension, economics and family.  It was a canvass to formulate opinions that could be molded into coherent principles and concrete meaning.  In total, the blog was a useful and cathartic outlet for informal concepts that I had developed over time.

However, as 2017 progressed, I felt the need to redirect my personal and civic contributions towards something more impactful.  In the wake of the Presidential Election, I felt the country fracture in a way that I thought was dangerous to long-term socio-economic cohesion across race, class, and geography.  I sensed deep distrust between workers and the corporations they worked for.   A disbelief in the ability of government to work collectively towards a shared destiny for all.   A disappointment and disillusionment that America’s best days were behind it.

I was determined to tell a different story.  I believed America’s best days were yet to come.

Within my industry and at graduate school, I sensed a new type of leadership emanating.  They didn’t see problems as inherently zero-sum or easily reduced to bifurcated notions of right or wrong.

These young leaders around me were interested in continual personal growth, social innovation, and a fulfilling professional life based on meaning and purpose.

They saw nuance and complexity as broader attributes of a fast changing world.  They knew that solutions would require broad-based stakeholder buy-in to be truly sustainable.  The young leaders that I was working with were both hungry for and exemplifying a different type of leadership.  A style of leadership that was quite different than what was being practiced in conventional political and business life.

I began to catalogue this new type of leadership.  I felt that I too was disposed to a new way of leading.  Out of this came the idea for a new leadership architecture and a new blog.

A Life Worth Leading | The Concept

The concept of “A Life Worth Leading” was born out of the idea that the privilege of life in America in 2017 is one that compels us to lead.  That each of us has the ability to lead in our professions, communities, and families if we so choose.

As such, this blog will focus on leadership and personal growth in our professional, personal, and civic lives.  It will embody the emerging leadership paradigm that I’ve described and will explore supporting and opposing evidence.

In the coming weeks, we will unveil the “Leadership Vision: 2050” framework that I have conceived and put into practice in my own life.  We will also provide details on a new project in Baltimore that I’m leading with other young professionals designed to “breakthrough” longstanding societal impediments.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you.  If you have ideas on the blog or simply wish to contact me, I can be reached at jkarabias@gmail.com


John W. Karabias Jr.